I suppose if I’m going to be dishing out some advice or thoughts on writing, I should probably tell you a little about myself.  Why, after all this time calling myself a writer, did I decide to finally start a blog strictly based on writing?

There’s several reasons.  But I’ll start from the beginning.  I have a vast array of interests.  I’m one of those people who knows a little of everything and everything about nothing.  The only thing I really consider myself an “expert” on is writing.  My past blogs have been about very specific, very narrow topics.  For example, I have another blog that I still use.  It focuses solely on grief and was started after my mother passed away.  (You can find it here.)  It is the only blog, besides this one, that I intend to keep up with because it is more of a tribute to my mom, something to help me deal with losing her.  But it is a narrow topic, one which restricts my content and thus, my readers and ability to expand to any other issue.

Another blog I’ve had in the past was about moving on after a divorce.  Again, it was more for me dealing with the stress and needing an outlet.  Once I moved on, there was no need for the blog anymore.  (Plus I didn’t really promote it so I had no followers.  I was basically just venting to cyberspace with no real reward.)

What kept me from starting a blog on writing was fear — the same thing that keeps many of us writers from ever truly succeeding.  Fear of failure, fear of rejection (which can feel a lot like failure).  I never thought of myself as one that allowed fear to dictate my life, but the older I get, the more I realize it’s not only natural to feel fear, but it’s healthy.  We need to feed off these emotions in order to succeed.  For me, I had a fear inside me that I had no right to start a blog on writing because I haven’t sold ten million copies and have four outstanding book deals with millions of people begging for my new book.

Yet, here I am.  I’m doing it.  I’m overcoming that fear.  Why now?  Because I don’t let fear rule my life anymore.  I let it guide me.  I let it tell me what I can’t do, and then I prove to myself — and no one else — that it’s wrong.  I have learned to thrive off fear.  This is my life, no one else’s, and if writing makes me happy, then that’s what I’m going to do.  No one has to like it.  No one has to read it.  You can hit that little X in the top right corner right now if you choose, but you know what?  I’m still going to be happy because I’m writing.

If you choose not to hit it, though, and if you choose to continue reading my blog, then I thank you.  I offer you whatever wisdom I might have in the hopes that it helps you on your own writing journey.  I offer you resources to help make your writing better or to help you find an agent or to help you find what you need to self-publish.  I offer you short stories (not yet, but soon, once I’ve had the chance to compile them.)  I offer you thought-provoking writing prompts (again… not yet, but I’m getting there.  Jeez, give me a chance.  I couldn’t find a way to make this site private until it was complete so I’m just running with it the way it is right now.)

The biggest thing I’m offering though, is the opportunity for myself to do what I love.  I’m sorry, I had to be selfish in this one respect.  But I do hope that I can help at least one person on their journey.  So that’s why I’m doing this, and I hope that you’ll give me a chance.  Eventually I want to do some contests, allow people a chance to get their writing out there, but all in good time.  I’m getting ahead of myself now.

Thanks for coming.  Let’s enjoy this journey together, shall we?

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